Magnetic Eyelashes, 3D 100% Silk Fake Eyelashes, Dual Magnetic Eyelashes, Accent Look,Reusable And Cruelty Free,1 Pair 4 Pieces Handmade Top Quality From Magica Lashes™, New 2018 Collection

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❤ 100% PREMIUM QUALITY SILK – MagicaTM Professional 3D Mink Eyelashes Are One Of The Best Quality Magnetic Eyelashes On The Market. These Handmade, Cruelty-Free Extra Long Dual Magnetic Eyelashes Will Fit Almost Every Eye Perfectly. Get Ready To Fall In Love With The Reusable Easy Connect Stylish Lashes Without Any Glue. Only the best Synthetic Fibers are Used Which Gives You The Classy, Stylish Look That Is Unmatched.

❤ ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY CONNECT – The MagicaTM No.1 Magnetic Eyelashes Are Super Flexible And Are Designed To Give You That Desirable Glamour Look Within seconds. These Magnetic Eyelashes Extensions Will Seamlessly Blend In With Your Own Lashes With Our Ultra Thin 0,2mm Non Visible High Power Magnets. No More Problems With Damaged Lashes Because Of Glue And Irritated Skin, We’ve Got You Covered.

❤ REUSEABLE UP TO 30 TIMES – Save Time And Money With This Unique Designed Quality Product. This Premium Product Is Designed Especially For Daily Use Which Gives You That Perfect Look Day After Day. No More Bulk Buying At Your Local Store. Finally, We Have The Ultimate Solution To Look Your Best Every Day. Further Instructions On How To Use These Lifesavers Check The Site.

❤ TESTED & PROVEN – Our New 2018 Collection Is Available Now. With Our Customers In Mind Our Cosmetic Experts Have Designed An Updated Version Of Our Already Proven Design. Our Vision Is To Satisfy You With A Premium Product You Will Adore. We Are Certain That You Will Love Our New Designs. Choose from three different versions. It’s Care-Free, Cruelty-Free And So Easy To Use. This Is Going To Be Your Secret To Everyday Beauty.

❤ 30 DAYS WARRANTY – We Have Taking Much Love And Care In The Development Of Our Products And Packaging. If For Any Reason, You Are Not Satisfied With Your MagicaTM Lashes, You Can Return It Within 30 Days For A Full Refund, No Questions Asked. We Do Care About Your Opinion And Would Gladly Listen To Your Feedback To Improve Our Product Even Further. Please Use Constructive Criticism For Feedback.



FINALLY YOU CAN STOP LOOKIN Recognise this? Getting ready for your day to look your best can take forever. Fix your make up, finish your hair and put on your lashes. Every time you want that classy, stylish look it seems to take ages to get it right. Putting on that fake eyelashes is a time-consuming task which you may not always succeed in doing. That messy glue close to your eyes can irritate your skin and will probably take out some of your own lashes during removal. You have to bulk buy those fake lashes to use them daily which going to cost you big time in the long run. All that time is wasted by putting them on together with a big chance to damage your own lashes it seems impossible to finish your stylish look within a reasonable time.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with MagicaTM magnetic eyelashes. Our team of experts has taken previous designs into account while creating our new 2018 collection that is available now. This updated 2018 collection will crush all other brands on all points. Our main focus is your experience with the product and to deliver the highest quality possible. The ease of use, look and feel of the product is unmatched as we keep your wishes in mind.

We only use cruelty-free 100% Premium quality Silk fibers in an ultra-thin band with super small 0,2mm high power well-placed dual magnets. Our dual magnetic eyelashes are flexible and are a perfect fit for almost every size and shape of eyes. We have chosen to go with 27mm by 15mm, this is in our eyes the optimal size for all eyes. You can resize the length of the MagicaTM lashes to fit your needs anytime you please. Our custom box will protect your eyelashes and makes sure you can put them on and off whenever you want. This Quality product is a must have which saves you time and money every month. Make sure you store the magnetic eyelashes properly, this way they will last a long time! Get your pair of MagicaTM No.1 Lashes right here from Amazon.

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Weight 69 g
Dimensions 15 × 8.3 × 1.3 cm

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